We dream of writing enchanting stories...

Meet Shannan and Tayla Stedman - 26 and 24 year old sisters from Sydney, Australia. They are authors who also own and operate their own children's entertainment business. They adore (are obsessed with) their three dogs Mya, Harlow and Bambi, drink insane amounts of tea, inhale chocolate like its air and basically live on a pilates reformer.

"We wanted to create memorable and magical moments for children."



When they are not writing children's books, they are running their company, HAPPILY EVER LAUGHTER. They not only operate it, but also entertain at events all over Sydney with their wonderful team. The Stedman Sisters are also professionally trained face painters and self proclaimed Disney lovers. 

Both with writing degrees from The University of Technology Sydney (Shannan - Writing and Cultural Studies and Tayla - Creative Writing), they grew up reading enchanting stories and dreamt of writing their own. They love anything with a magical element especially stories that explore creative new worlds. They are also suckers for a quirky, clumsy protagonist and villains with redeeming qualities.

Their debut picture book 'Harlow and the Lost Laughter' is available now!
They are currently working on exciting new projects that they can't wait to share. 

Stay Tuned