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Meet Shannan and Tayla Stedman - 29 and 28 year-old sisters (self-proclaimed twins) and co-authors from Sydney, Australia. Their debut children book series with Scholastic - Lola Online - is a fun-filled, action-packed story full of laugh out loud moments that was inspired by their YouTube obsessed little sister.

The Stedman Sisters adore (are obsessed with) their three dogs Mya, Harlow and Bambi, drink insane amounts of tea, inhale chocolate like it’s air and basically live on a Pilates reformer. They’re one thousand per cent sure that they’ve discovered the perfect chocolate-chip cookie recipe and can safely say that they’re the biggest Taylor Swift fans in the entire universe. If they had a dollar for every time someone mistook them for teenagers ditching school, they’d have enough money to buy Disneyland… and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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For six years the Stedman Sisters ran their children’s entertainment company, Happily Ever Laughter. Mostly so they could bring joy and magic to children… but partly so they could spend their weekends dressed as fairies and princesses. Did someone say free cake? Their company was a finalist in the best party entertainment category at the 2017 What’s on For Kids Awards Australia. They are also trained face painters and can twist a pretty cool balloon dog.






The fourth book in the

Lola series is out NOW!

Stay Tuned



Both with writing degrees from The University of Technology Sydney, Shannan and Tayla love reading and watching all things, magical, whimsical, comical and absolutely nonsensical, and have always dreamed of channelling the same creativity into their own writing. They enjoy creating unique and loveable characters that inspire kids to follow their dreams.

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