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Who doesn’t love a bit of bonus content?

Remember the days of the old-school DVD’s when you’d eagerly go to the special features menu and watch allll of the deleted scenes? Ah, what a time to be alive.

Well we are LIVING for that nostalgia. Even after we’d written and submitted the first book in the Lola Online series... we felt like it just wasn’t enough! Kids deserved more! So we had an idea and ran it by our publisher. ‘What if we included a bonus chapter for each book... online? Like a deleted scene that seamlessly fits in.’

We were so excited about this idea, and thankfully our publisher was too! The bonus chapter for Lola Online #TheSecretUpstairsFanClubParty can be found on the Scholastic website now - under our author webpage! So if you’ve read the book, definitely go check that out!

Does anyone else miss the special features on DVD’s as much as we do? Harry Potter was always a fave for us as well as High School Musical! Who didn’t love watching Kenny Ortega make magic behind the camera and teach Zac all those epic dance moves?


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