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OH MY GOBSTOPPER! Lola is officially... ONLINE!

This is the cover for book #1 in our brand new, junior fiction series, LOLA ONLINE, publishing with Scholastic Australia on the 1ST FEBRUARY 2021 - which is exactly 7 weeks from today!

All the thanks in the world to the team at Scholastic for creating the cover of our dreams! And the brilliant back cover, featuring the coolest cat around - Sir Stamps-a-Lot McFluff Face - and YOURS TRULY!

Our little sister and the inspo behind our series! When we went into Scholastic to meet with our publisher last year, we told them all about how sassy and vibrant our sis is, and showed them this picture of her... and the response was “Oh my gosh, that’s her. That’s Lola!”

We were over the moon that the team got our vision one thousand percent so you can imagine how EXTREMELY EXCITED ECSTATIC and ELATED we were when they showed us our book cover for Lola #1 - which is loosely based on this image

A few LOLA fun facts:

1. This book started out as a fun side project that we wrote for Makayla, who is internet/YouTube obsessed!

2. We really wanted to capture the interest of reluctant readers, who would typically rather spend time on technological devices than read.

3. It’s for a 7+ audience, but really every age will relate to and enjoy this book. We’re sure you’ll find that the very sassy, confident and wise beyond her years Lola, is your spirit animal.

4. We’ve never had more FUN working on a project in our whole entire lives and can’t wait to share it!

Pick up your copy - in all its glittery, holographic glory (yes, she really is going to sparkle) on the 1st Feb, or pre-order now!


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