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We were lucky enough to attend the Penguin Random House open day at Writing NSW. Spots were extremely limited so you'd better believe we were ready by the phone at 9am (is calling 13 times before the lines open a little excessive? Asking for a friend).

The day was amazing and gave us a really insightful look into the publishing industry. There were multiple members of the Penguin team there to do a range of sessions and panels. The one we found the most fascinating was about acquisition meetings, and the team literally re-enacted one! There were also talks on- promotion, the editorial process, rights and a specific breakout group for children's publishing.

But what we were most excited for, was our one-on-one manuscript assessment with a wonderful Penguin editor. We received some great feedback from her about our middle grade fantasy manuscript. If anyone ever has a chance to attend a publishing open house, we would highly recommend it! The information is invaluable and the experience is unparalleled.

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