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These little gems started out purely as mood boards for a recent writing project, but we LOVED how they were able to evoke a certain mood within us so we decided to make them into wallpapers. They will bring you the ultimate inspirational energy.

We like to set one to determine our tone for each day, and it has become a bit of a ritual for us. We thought we would share them online, so anyone who is looking for some daily inspiration/motivation - or just a fun wallpaper - could use them too! We’re always staring at our phones, so why not have something on there that is going to bring us positive energy and good vibes to help carry us through the day!

Whether you’re needing a little clarity, some adventurous spirit or to channel your inner hustler, there’s something here for you. All seven of these can be found on the wallpaper page of our website and on our instagram (in the wallpaper highlight) If you share them, please tag us -


We really hope you enjoy xx

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