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Before we began to pursue our writing careers, we were bringing joy to children in a very different way.

At the ages of 19 and 20, while undertaking our writing degrees at University, we started our children's entertainment company, Happily Ever Laughter.

Having very little idea about how to run a business, we dived straight into it. We acquired a domain name and made a facebook page. Something we were certain of was that we wanted offer an authentic and high quality service. So we had a few costumes handmade and that was that.

When we launched, it was just the two of us working non stop around our University hours. We promoted, attended events in costumes and practiced our face painting and balloon twisting whenever and wherever we could.

Eventually word of mouth spread and we were booking event after event. So after lots of hard work and perseverance, the business really took off! The two of us were booked out at events and birthday parties every weekend and were turning away business. We could have never believed that it would develop so quickly!

That's when we realised we needed to expand our team in order to cater to the influx of business and reach as many children as possible!

It was our dream to spread joy to birthday children all over Sydney and we needed more than just the two of us to do so.

We are so grateful to have a wonderful team of entertainers who share the same passion as we do. It has also been an amazing opportunity to have worked with such incredible companies and organisations such as; Make a Wish, Starlight Children's Foundation, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Luna Park, SkyZone, Big W, Broadcast Australia and so many more.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and who continue to do so. We hope that we can continue to spread magic through both our entertainment company and our writing. It was also an absolute pinch me moment, when we were nominated for Best Children's Entertainment in Australia at the Whats On For Kids Awards, 2017. This happened after only three and a half years and was such an honour. Check out the gallery below for a little sneak peak into what we do! You can also head to our website to learn more.

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