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After months and months of sending our manuscript out to publishers all of the world, we were beginning to feel like this moment would never happen. Anyone who has tried getting published knows the gruelling wait that comes along with it.

One morning we received a very special first class package in the mail and that's when everything changed for us. We opened it up to find...

A PUBLISHING CONTRACT for a picture book we had written last year! It was the first children's story we had ever written together which makes it even more special that it is the first to be published!

Of course the only thing to do was to pop open a bottle of champagne. What better way to celebrate than with balloons and bubbly! We are beyond happy to announce that our book will be released later this year! We will be sure to post a few updates as soon as possible. We cannot wait to share the story and the characters that we have created with you all. Stay tuned!

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