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As you all know, our first children's picture book is being published. We're so lucky to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful and talented illustrator, Cathi Mingus, on our children's picture book!

The very first thing we wanted to do was create our two main characters - Our Fairy and her sidekick Fairy dog! We discussed all of the characteristics and physical attributes that we wanted them to embody with Cathi. Below are the initial sketches that Cathi created - all of which were so wonderful in their own way! She definitely made it hard for us to choose which one we liked best!

Upon receiving these initial sketches, Cathi encouraged us to pick and choose the features that most appealed to us from each sketch. From the facial features, and the style of the wings to the fluffiness of the dog and the body position!

We provided her with our dream colour scheme for our Fairy's dress and wings. We also asked Cathi if she could create an adorable Fairy dog, that looked just like our own Cavoodle! Based on our ideas and feedback, below is the amazing final artwork she created!

We could not have been happier with the final product! A big Thank you to Cathi Mingus for creating the perfect characters for us! Stay tuned to see more of her gorgeous work!

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