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As avid readers ourselves, we spend hours and hours browsing the shelves at some of our favourite bookstores. One of the sections that always captures our attention, is poetry.

One of our favourite poets is, and has always been Beau Taplin. His most recent collection of poetry, Worlds of You, became an instant fave!

In our opinion, a few stand out poems from the collection are;

  • Perfecting The Art

  • Quiet Exit

  • The Explorers

  • Simple Pleasures

  • Half Remembered Dream

  • Creative Block

  • Awfully Beautiful

It is not just us, who thinks Worlds of You is great read - our Cavoodle, Bambi also adores it!

Some of the other poets we are loving at the moment are, Tyler Knott Gregson, Lang Leav and Atticus.

If you are looking for captivating, well written and moving poetry, then we guarantee that you will love these! Let us know if you have checked any of them out and what you think or if you have any recommendations for us! We have been working on our own poetry collection and will be posting a few snippets soon!

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